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The Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicle (Associação Brasileira do Veículo Elétrico, ABVE) is a civil association of private law with non-economic status, and prior aim at acting with public agents and entrepreneurial bodies concerned with the automotive industry. It advocates decision making to promote the development and use of electric vehicles (EVs).


To foster the wide use of electric vehicles in Brazil so that people and goods transportation become more efficient, benefitting the population well-being, the environment, and its associates  as a whole.


  1. To promote the development, demonstration, trading, and use of electric vehicles in Brazil.
  2. To promote and participate in studies and researches on electric vehicle technology, including pattern definition.
  3. To develop information programs addressed to the press, industry, teaching institutions, legislative agents and regulation makers and approvers, opinion leaders, and potential users.
  4. Action. To work with authorities, business bodies, industries and possible users, aiming at a decision-making process that encourages the development and use of electric vehicle technology.
  5. Gather and broadcast information on the electric vehicle market in Brazil and abroad.
  6. To promote the use of electric vehicles in government fleets, as well as in government fleet leasing
  7. To encourage studies and projects through support and participation of energy and fuel companies, and vehicle manufacturers and assemblers
  8. To become a primary information source on technical, political, educational, and market of electric vehicles, promoting its broadcast through media coverage
  9. To stand for associates in or out of court advocating homogeneous group or individual interests, with no specific authorization by the General Assembly required.


  1. To prioritize action with authorities and business groups concerning the automotive industry, aiming at taking action that encourages the development and use of electric vehicles.
  2. To pursue representative participation in decision-making bodies and organizations concerning the automotive industry and the research and technological development of its interest.
  3. To create partnerships and other forms of collaboration with akin organizations abroad, aiming at combined actions and information exchange.
  4. To promote the demonstration of electric vehicles and their benefits to government agents, business decision makers and other bodies, and the public in general.
  5. To support technical improvement to optimize components and products.
  6. To endorse guidelines, proceedings, criteria and patters concerning electric vehicles in Brazil.
  7. To organize and/or actively participate in conventions, seminars, symposiums, trade shows, competitions, parades, and national or international fairs and exhibitions.
  8. To promote and encourage personnel training and improvement in corporations, universities, research centers and technical schools.
  9. To expand the ABVE associate base.
  10. To encourage the creation of akin associations in other Latin American countries.


ABVE operates under the following guiding principles:

  1. Responsibility towards society concerning the use of natural resources, environment and the common interest.
  2. Commitment to associates in compliance with the ABVE aims.
  3. Continuous pursuit of quality and efficiency.
  4. Development and diffusion of knowledge.
  5. Adoption of top environment protection and energy-efficient solutions, taking in consideration all stages of fuel processing, from prospection and raw material exploration to the final use in vehicle traction.
  6. Adoption of management practices necessary and sufficient to the achievement of its purposes,  curbing individual or group self-serving of benefits and gains as a result of participating in the decision-making process.